About Kenny Davis

“in both figure and landscape…
i want to get to the point
where people say of my work:
that man feels deeply,
that man feels keenly.”
Vincent van Gogh
(Letter to Theo van Gogh, 21 July 1882)

Kenny Davis  an iconic celebrity designer, executive film producer, author and on-camera personality Kenny Davis ranks among the top lifestyle influences in the world. Chosen as Microsoft and Stoli’s top 100 taste-makers, Kenny designs unforgettable films and television, stylish productions and exclusive interiors for fashion and Hollywood insiders as well as galas across the US including The White House Correspondents dinner and Aspen’s Winter Polo Gala, including celebrity clients such as Heidi Klum, Cher, Toby Keith, Sophia Vergara,  Ashton Kutcher, Kathy Griffin, P.Diddy,& Queen Latifah to name a few. Regularly seen at the hottest venues throughout NYC, LA, Miami, The Hamptons and Aspen, Kenny Davis is an asset to the social and cultural scene across America.

Kenny Davis is currently in preproduction for his own design show with Paperny Productions in NYC, in addition to the scheduled launch of his latest culinary pursuit; The Savannah Pie Company and Amagansett Pie Company, a gourmet pie company serving baked fresh gourmet pies and cookies delivered to your door, farm to fork. In addition to launching Kenny Davis Design and Moon Pie Kids, a designer line of modern children’s furnishings. His latest literary works THE LAST COKE IN THE DESSERT and THE SAVANNAH PIE COMPANY COOKBOOK are nearing completion with an well anticipated 2014 publishing date.